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Northern 4800 Crude Oil Injection Pump
Offshore Application

Northern Pump, successfully completed a field overhaul project for a key crude oil pipeline customer. The completely custom 4800-07-D1761 gear pump is installed on an offshore oil platform located approximately 85 miles south of Galveston, TX.

This custom gear pump is installed on a series of pig launchers that are used to maintain and clean a crude oil pipeline. This high pressure pump allows the customer to inject the residual crude oil directly back into the pipeline. This provides for a safe and environmentally friendly method for handling excess crude oil generated through the pigging process.

In order to support operational objectives of the pipeline customer, two members of the Northern team were flown out to the platform to execute the field overhaul. All of the replacement parts accompanied the team, along with the calibrated tools required to properly assemble the pump. Because of the modular design of the liner plate equipped pump, the total weight of the replaced components and required tools was less that 50 pounds. This can be an extremely important factor when traveling offshore by helicopter. This pump was disassembled, analyzed, and re-assembled in less than three hours.

Northern Pump continued to support the pipeline operator by providing a custom manual, that describes the proper field overall method. This manual included a complete breakdown of all pump components. Spare parts kits and other replacement components are always readily available for all custom Northern Gear Pumps.

The 4800-07-D1761 is designed to pump 20-24 Gallons per Minute of Crude Oil at 1850 PSI discharge pressure. The pump unit is equipped with a 40 horsepower explosion proof motor and featured a custom Ring Type Joint suction and discharge plate. This plate was manufactured from a wrought bar of 1018 steel to eliminate the need for all welds and castings. The pump was also finished with a special paint system and was hydrostatic tested at the factory to 2653 PSI. Every Northern 4000 series pump and vertical unit are performance tested to meet the exact duty conditions of the customer’s application.

For more information on how Northern Pump can help you achieve your operational goals, contact our sales team at (800) 366-1410.

Molten Sulfur

Northern Melts Away Sulfur Pump Delivery Concerns
Grantsburg, WI – Northern Pump, successfully delivered two custom pumps for an international customer in the molten sulfur industry. The completely custom 4600-07-C3859 and 4600-15-C3860 pumps were designed, manufactured, and tested within a three week timeframe. This custom project also included a maintenance manual delivered in both English and Portuguese.

Northern 4000 Sulfur Series Pumps feature a special heating option to ensure a consistent operating temperature range. This ability to maintain constant temperature is extremely important for the handling of molten sulfur, due to its narrow effective operating range. The Northern 4000 Sulfur Series pumps can use steam or other heat transfer fluids to maintain an optimum temperature range, even in extreme environments.

These Northern 4000 Series Sulfur Pumps were designed to pump 10 and 20 gallons of molten sulfur per minute at 40 PSI discharge pressure. In addition to the integrated heating jackets, they also feature a John Crane Type 9 mechanical seal, O-Ring seals between the plates, and cobalt bound tungsten carbide sleeve bearings. Our modular construction allows our entire size range of pumps to be offered in a Sulfur Series. Every Northern 4000 Series Sulfur pump is performance tested to meet the exact duty conditions of the customer’s application.  

Northern Pump continues to demonstrate the ability to deliver critical custom pump projects. Our highly skilled team allows us to bring a gear pump concept through final performance testing in just a few weeks. For more information on how Northern Pump can help you achieve your operational goals contact our sales team at (800) 366-1410.

To view our custom maintenance manuals click the following links:
View in English    Bulletin 131
View in Portuguese     Boletim 131

Pipeline Industry

Midstream Company Utilizes the Northern® 4800
Crude Oil Pipeline Injection Pump

Grantsburg, WI - Northern Pump, entered into a purchase agreement with a major Bakken pipeline company to provide nine custom pump unit assemblies. The Northern 4800 offers a more effective pumping solution on a crude oil pipeline.  The pipeline company is an independently owned oil and gas exploration and production company, based in Casper, WY.

Under the agreement, Northern provided a gear pump unit assembly that was customized to fit their exact application. The unit includes the pump assembly, explosion proof electric motor, coupling, and coupling guard. This complete unit is assembled and aligned at the factory, which eliminates costly and tedious efforts during installation.

The project was qualified with a  field trial pump that was provided in a joint effort between Northern Pump, and it’s Casper, WY based distributor; DXP Falcon Pump & Supply. As expected, this Northern Heavy Duty Gear Pump proved it could adapt to the difficult application. In addition, the modular design of this Northern Pump makes it easy to operate and maintain in the field.

With this order, Northern Pump again demonstrates the overall life cycle value, and ability to provide focused support to another independent pipeline company. For more information visit or contact our sales team at (800) 366-1410.

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